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MicroHomes Features

MicroHomes have many unique features when compared to other tiny houses, tiny homes, container homes or granny flats.

When you choose a MicroHome, you know you are buying a purpose-engineered structure that will not only be comfortable but safe for all that live there.

Australia’s only 3.2m wide MicroHome on wheels

Engineered to allow us to add an extra 33% width to the whole unit.

Built to BAL 29 bushfire building code

All MicroHomes are built to a BAL 29 (Bushfire Attack Level) building code.

A completely normal flushing toilet

The waste is treated and stored on-board before automatically being pumped out.

Accessible low-floor frame design

The unique frame design means MicroHomes can sit only 10cm off the ground.

The purpose-designed SecureBAR drawbar is fully removable

Once delivered, the SecureBAR and wheels are removed after installation.

Commercial grade windows & doors

Commercial grade double glazed windows and doors are a feature of the MicroHomes.

No permit required

A MicroHome is a fully self-contained, luxury home on wheels. So you don’t need a permit*.

Custom off-grid solutions

MicroHomes provides custom off-grid solutions for those looking to take advantage of the latest eco-friendly solutions.