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So you’ve been hearing a lot about MicroHomes lately. We’re not surprised, it’s a popular movement offering property owners more choices than ever before.

MicroHomes are safe, long-lasting, comfortable well-designed homes on wheels that you can easily add to your property.

But how will a MicroHome benefit you? Well, there are a few reasons.

Here are 3 ways a MicroHome will transform your life …


In the beginning, working from home feels exciting.
Goodbye, long boring commutes. Hello, home-cooked lunches and comfy tracksuits.

But after a while, the excitement begins to wear thin as sleeping, eating, working, and working out in the same space becomes very monotonous.

Especially if you have kids at home.
Nobody wants to hear “Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo” from the next room as they rush to meet a project deadline.

Instead of renting out an expensive workspace when you reach breaking point, save money with your own beautifully designed home office, in your own backyard. You can finally have that work/life balance you were needing with all the benefits of working from home and none of the negatives – goodbye baby shark.


Having friends and family stay over all the time without taking over your one loungeroom can be tricky in a small space. This frustration is enough to make anyone jump on and look for a bigger home.

Wanting more space doesn’t always mean you have to move to a bigger home though. If you have unused land on your property you have more options than you think.

Converting a piece of unused land into useable space aka a granny flat with an extra bedroom, kitchen, lounge room, and bathroom to your property. Not only will your friends and family be able to come and stay comfortably, without taking over your whole house, but the value of your property will increase as well.

AIRBNB – Holiday Let

If you’ve travelled anywhere in the last 10 years, there’s a high chance you stayed in an Airbnb. But have you ever considered renting out your own Airbnb for the excited travellers exploring your hometown?

If you have the space in your backyard for a completely detached Airbnb, you can quickly generate ongoing passive income without changing your lifestyle.

Adding a self-contained apartment with a private entrance to your property doesn’t just mean short-term accommodation for travellers. You will now have a rental property that will help pay off your mortgage quicker, and you didn’t have to buy another block of land to achieve this.
Imagine all the extra holidays you can go on now with extra savings in the bank.


Whether you are excited to add more space to your property, build your own office oasis away from the kids, or put more away in savings this year, a MicroHome can transform your life.

MicroHomes Group is Melbourne’s leading specialist in designing and building small custom spaces for specific needs. With registered builders utilising environmentally friendly building practices, fixed cost and time-efficient designs keeping the cost at an affordable price, and a dedicated project team ensuring the process is stress-free as possible.

Call us today to start discussing the exciting design of your new home office, extra room, or future rental.