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Micro living in Australia is a popular movement that isn’t slowing down any time soon. Tiny Homes are popping up everywhere, from coastal Geelong to busy Melbourne and all over the state. 

People are using tiny homes as holiday homes, investment opportunities, and Airbnb rentals, but perhaps the most ingenious way to use a Micro Home is as an alternative space in your own backyard.

As an alternative to Granny Flats, Micro Homes can provide an extra living space, office, yoga studio, teenage retreat, or even a new home for grandma so she’s close by. 

So why choose a Micro Home instead of a standard Granny Flat?

Simply, because it’s quicker, cheaper, easier, and portable (i.e. removable / easily on-sold).   

So why a Micro Home and not a Tiny Home?

We’re a Melbourne-based home builder, building small homes on wheels. What we offer is an alternative to cramped Tiny Homes and inconveniently permanent and expensive granny flats. These revolutionary new homes are called Micro Homes, built on custom-built chassis with extra width to make you forget you are living small.

Whilst Micro Homes and Tiny Homes share certain similarities they are two very different styles of tiny-living. Keep reading to learn more.


SIMPLE LIFESTYLE: Micro living, whether it’s in a Tiny Home or a Micro Home, offer Australians that simple lifestyle change they have been longing for. The achievement of downgrading involves selling most of your material things and living in your small space with only the belongings you really love. 

This minimalist lifestyle also encourages more balance between exploring and enjoying the outdoors before winding down indoors.

SAVE MONEY: There are two ways you can save money with a micro/tiny house. The first way is by saving money with a smaller mortgage (⅕ smaller to be precise!) and cheaper bills. It’s easier to keep your house warm during Melbourne’s cold winters with a smaller space. 

The second option is by not living in your micro/tiny home yourself but instead offering accommodation to Airbnb guests or full-time renters instead. Running an Airbnb or rental property is a simple and easy way of securing a second income and rental vacancy rates are at an all-time low which means it’s very easy to secure a tenant.


SIZE: Micro Homes are bigger than Tiny Homes whilst still being easily transportable. This 800mm extra width allows for more spacious living, with a separate full-sized bedroom and bathroom. You don’t need to worry about outgrowing your home with clever Micro Home designs that utilise space, such as high ceilings and extra storage. 

SAFETY: When you see the quality and inbuilt safety components of Micro Homes, you can’t compare them to anything else on the market. Unsafe vertical ladders, fire hazards, cramped spaces, and stairs without hand-rails are commonplace in ‘tiny homes’. How would you feel if your guest or tenant fell down the noncompliant stairs of a Tiny House? What do you think the insurance company would say?   Regulations are in place to protect us, let’s follow them.

Micro Homes are built according to home building code regulations to solve these safety issues, without compromising all the benefits of living smaller. 

INSURANCE: Most Tiny Homes are legally classified as “trailers”, which means that the trailer can be insured, but the “load” (AKA your precious belongings) can’t. Micro Homes are specially registered in their own classification which means all your belongings, including your 56” Samsung tv, MacBook pro, and Kitchenaid are protected from theft. 

FIRE RESISTANT: Most Tiny Homes are built with flammable materials that don’t meet the safety inspections that will allow your Tiny Home to become a permanent living arrangement. 

Whereas Micro Homes are designed with safety at the forefront, with bushfire attack level 29 exteriors, in black, because who doesn’t love a sexy black facade. No need to worry about bushfire season in Australia with a Micro Home that surpasses each and every applicable standard. 


With clever Micro Homes designs that will make you forget you are living in small and 3 current models to choose from that suit any lifestyle, downsizing never looked so good.

Come down to the Micro Home factory in Melbourne today for an in-person tour and see the difference for yourself!