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0.7 metres is either small or massive, depending on where you put it. 

Adding nearly a metre to a 25-metre lap pool, for instance, will not make much difference to your ability to swim laps. It would just be costly and unnecessary. 

Adding over half a metre to the average 2.5-metre Tiny Home, on the other hand, will make a massive difference. In fact, it’s the difference between you getting to keep your favourite couch, bed and clothes or having to downsize everything just to fit inside. 

Whilst buying a “Tiny Home” is a more affordable alternative to owning a home, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your home comforts and functionality as well. Your home is your sanctuary away from a busy world. Whether you prefer to destress from your busy day by cooking and listening to music, sweating it out with a home workout or sinking into the couch with a blanket and the latest Netflix series, having the right space that supports your needs is important.

That’s why we custom engineered our own chassis and built a comfortable 3 metre wide Micro Home. When it came to designing and building our MicroHome on wheels, that extra 0.7-metres gave us a lot of options to play with …

In the Urban 8430, for example, we built a normal-sized bedroom with a door to close off the kitchen and living area. In the 8430 and the 6030 Studio, we have included separate bathrooms big enough for a comfortable shower, toilet and luxury vanity. Perhaps the most important feature of our Urban range is the generously sized kitchen cupboards … Because who doesn’t love lots of kitchen storage!

However you like to destress in your own space, we have built a MicroHome range that will comfortably support your needs. 

But there’s nothing quite like the real thing right?

Everyone who comes to our factory for an in-person tour comments on how much of a difference there is between a standard ‘tiny home’ and a ‘MicroHome’. To experience the difference for yourself – come and see us. Book a tour by getting in touch today