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Thinking about investing in a MicroHome?

Whether you’re eager to start offsetting your mortgage, or your family is growing too quickly and your youngest has just moved into your home office and you need more space, a micro home is an easy and affordable option to suit any situation.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, or you have a couple of questions about the process of building a MicroHome, then keep reading to learn our step by step process of creating your micro home. It is so simple you will be wondering why you didn’t make that call sooner.


Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step towards your micro home dream!

This is where you get to sit down with one of our friendly MicroHomes experts and tell them ALL of your exciting design ideas, plans, and goals for your new micro home. You can either pick a thoughtfully crafted design from our collection, including urban, eco, and off-grid, or you can go bespoke and let your imagination run wild. Want pink tiles in the bathroom? Done. Need a unique design to fit a challenging environment? No worries!

Not only is this the part where you pour out all your micro home dreams whilst we listen excitedly, but this is also where you can ask us anything you’ve ever wanted to know about micro homes.
Like, do micro homes have micro toilets?
The answer is no, they have normal-sized toilets.

By the end of stage 1, we will have a rough plan and timeline for your new MicroHome adventure!


Whilst you go home and pour a glass of celebratory wine, we will get to work on drafting your MicroHome proposal.

This very important document is where you get to see all your ideas on paper. It will detail the project brief, the plans for your MicroHome, and the proposed design concepts.

Once you read over this proposal, all we need from you is the final sign-off, and then we can get started on building your micro home dream….


The moment where all your designs and ideas come to life…
Congratulations! You’re about to see the birth of your new MicroHome!

Your MicroHome will be expertly and lovingly built in our factory in Moorabbin, where you can visit as much as you like. Cue the happy selfies and Instagram updates!

If you are busy and unable to visit as much as you’d like, we will also keep you updated on the progress of your micro home with regular emails and images.

No need to worry about any last-minute ideas either! We will most likely be able to accommodate any changes, depending on the extent of the modification. It will just mean adding those additional expenses to the cost stated in the proposal.


The day has finally arrived. You better open that second bottle of celebratory wine!

Your new custom-built and designed micro home is ready to be delivered to your chosen location. Whether that’s an idyllic hillside in the country or the backyard of your coastal home.
All you need to do is sit back and relax whilst one of our professional drivers delivers your micro home directly to you.

Once setup is complete we will help you get well acquainted with your new MicroHome and answer any other questions you may have. Then it’s time to say goodbye as you start decorating your new micro haven.

Now begins the next fun stage of your adventure…
How will you decorate your Airbnb space or kid-free home office?


Call MicroHomes today to start talking about your micro home adventure. We are eager to hear all about your design ideas and plans.

Get that celebratory wine ready and let’s get started!