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Adding more space to your home or more money to your savings is a dream for any Australian family. Whilst this is achievable with a renovation, addition or DIY build, and a side hustle or second job, they are not always ideal solutions for busy families. Many Australians want a solution that is affordable, convenient and efficient without taking more time away from their busy schedules.

A popular alternative that’s solving the need for more space or more savings, with a quick build time of around eight weeks is mobile MicroHomes. Here is how Australians are using MicroHome builders to add a granny flat or investment to their property.

Enjoy flexibility and convenience with a MicroHomes design

Melbourne-based builders MicroHomes Group specialise in building spacious and unique homes on wheels (MicroHomes) that are built much quicker than any alternative.

With comfort and flexibility in mind, these passionate MicroHome builders have cleverly engineered 3.5-metre wide MicroHome on wheels to suit any need. With an extra .8 metre width difference to the usual tiny house in Melbourne, these MicroHome are the perfect solution to adding more space to your property, without taking up your whole backyard or having a permanent presence. Forget time-consuming renovations and additions, MicroHomes are a simpler and more convenient option than turning your house into a construction site.

With an array of different designs available, including custom design, a mobile MicroHome is the perfect long term solution that offers flexibility as your needs change. Here are the different ways Australian’s are using these MicroHome on wheels:

  • Comfortable home for ageing parents
  • An apartment for an independent teenager
  • A relaxing art studio
  • Quiet home office
  • The perfect guest retreat

But what if your ageing parents decide to move to Queensland? Or your kids move out and your MicroHome is sitting empty?

The great news is that your MicroHome is portable, so you can move it elsewhere, or sell it on. Alternatively, you can turn your portable, beautifully designed home into the ultimate investment property.

How mobile MicroHomes can help you add more money to your savings each week

Creating a consistent source of income has never been easier with micro-living in Australia. Say goodbye to that time-consuming side hustle, and hello to passive income in just 6 weeks with a portable investment property.

The best thing about a mobile MicroHome is that you don’t need a permit to park it in your backyard, and you can take your portable investment property with you wherever you live in Australia. Whether you want to settle in Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane or Sydney in a few years, you can make the choice stress-free knowing your investment property can come with you, and continue to subsidise your mortgage.

With a home on wheels designed and built by MicroHomes Group your new investment property is going to stand out from the average tiny home design.

Available in an array of different designs that will suit any type of investment property. Including an open studio apartment, with a separate full-sized bathroom, that Airbnb-ers will love, and a one-bedroom design that will be perfect as a long term rental.

MicroHomes are a more affordable, complete solution than building or buying a rental property, and are more private than airbnbing a room in your home. These popular alternatives to tiny homes in Geelong will increase the value of your property and better yet, the tenants can pay it off for you.

Get a granny flat or investment property in just 8 weeks with MicroHome builders.

Our mobile MicroHome offers busy Australians a no-hassle, portable solution that doesn’t require a permit. In just 6 weeks.

Click here to see which MicroHome designs will be your new perfect granny flat or investment property.